two applications extant. available for 32-bit and 64-bit windows. if you don't know whether you need 32-bit or 64-bit, just grab the 32-bit version. it's guaranteed to work (as long as you have a reasonably current directx 9.0c install)

files hosted on dropbox because google says exe files are bad and they won't host them here. bah.


silly display/logic prototype. no practical value. the small triangular entities (the boids in question) have a series of behaviors based on the current mode.mode is changed with some modes, the position of the four colored cursors is relevant. you select a cursor with 1 through 4, and you can unselect with space.while a cursor is selected it can be moved with the mouse.the 'team avoidance factor' can be adjusted with the - or + (minus or plus) keys, and the number of boids can be decreased with [ and increased with ]the v key can be used to turn on velocity indicators.

the more boids you have, or the smaller the screen, the slower the application is. resizing the window (or maximizing it) will permit the boids to spread out more and increase the performance of the simulation.


this game prototype is incomplete. inspired by the apple ][ game 'sabotage'.objective: destroy all of the incoming paratroopers (spiders) before they can land.left and right arrow aim the turret, space fires, enter toggles steerable shells on and off. (with steerable shells, shots fired by the player will change direction as the turret is rotated)the parachutes (green bubbles) can be shot without killing the paratrooper. this will cause the paratrooper to hit the ground with great velocity, and this in fact the only way to destroy paratroopers that have already landed.destroying a transport (saucer) will cause an explosion that can potentially damage nearby transports and paratroopers.the final version will have the following additions:bomber and bombs which attack the turret directlyclearer scoring display (currently score is only correctly displayed if the window is at minimum resolution, 640x480)lose condition: if a paratrooper lands on the turret, or four paratroopers land on one side of the play field, the game ends. (also if the turret is struck by a bomb)

other oses

linux and mac versions are possible, but the author currently lacks machines on which to compile non-windows versions. if you have a mac and you want binaries, feel free to contact the author.

the author reserves the right to suggest gifts of apple branded hardware.